10 Beard Braid Options You Should Know

The beard braid is a craze of the modern bearded manly man and perfect for all hair types. It’s a great way to do something different with your hair, and the best part is that it’s super simple, and anybody with a beard can do it. So today, we’ll be going over the different types of beard braids that you can do.

In recent times, there has seen a huge upsurge in beard braids, and it’s not just the hipsters who are getting in on the action. The beard braid has become a popular hairstyle among the unshaven, the work-from-home, and the bearded.

Beard braids are a popular variation of braiding and a popular way to style natural hair. It’s typically done on longer hair and includes twists, knots, and other types of braids.
Beard braids are an excellent way to style your beard, and they’re not limited to men with dreads. Braids can be done with any hair type, though it’s best for someone with long and straight hair.
Check out the different types of beard braids, pick the one suitable for you, and you’ll be rocking it in no time.

What is a Beard Braid?

When talking about beard braids, we talk about those little braids you see on the side of a man’s beard, usually just below the cheek line.

For the uninitiated, beard braids are an African braiding technique that creates a ‘natural’ style. In other words, you’re not going to look like a hipster. A braided beard is often referred to as the Viking braid beard or simply the Viking beard.

How to Braid Your Beard

You need to grow along and a thick beard to make a decently simple braid out of it. That said, if you have a short, don’t get discouraged; there are many different types of braided beards to experiment with. You can even braid your goatee or mustache, although most guys like to grow out an awesome Viking beard.

To do a successful beard braid, you should always do it on a clean beard, so wash using effective facial hair shampoo and dry your beard before you braid it. This will make it easier to work with too. Here the general steps to do your beard braid.

  1. Make sure to gently towel-dry, apply beard oil, and brush or comb your beard to straighten and detangle as much as you can.
  2. Section your beard into 3 equal parts. Where you start to divide your facial hair depends on the style you want. Usually, you start at the chin and work down. Make sure the strands are of equal fullness. If you’re new with beard braids, tie a small rubber band at the base of each section to make it easier to handle.
  3. Start braiding your beard, take the section in either your left or right hand and pull it over the middle strand.
  4. Take the opposite and available part and pull it over the middle one.
  5. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Repeat the previous two steps until you reach the part where the beard is already too thin to go on. At this point, finish the braid by wrapping a hair tie around the end.

Beard Braids Options

Viking Beard Braid

A braided Viking beard certainly denotes boldness and manly man within. It has been around literally for centuries and is the epitome of masculine badass.
While the Vikings braided their beards to keep their hair away from battles, the modern alpha male wears it with confidence to show off his coolness.
So feel free to accentuate such a masculine beard with beads or other accessories for added emphasis.

Double/Forked Braid

Looking for a really unique and eye-catching braided beard style. Why not then take a creative approach to braid beards and go for double braids plaited so that your beard looks forked.

Long Braided Beard

If you are blessed enough to grow a full and long beard, then there’s no limit to the braid styles you can do, which includes the two woven strands, a ponytail with a tie and twisted beard hair, or the single long braid for a quick, simple yet slick and tidy look.
The upkeep of a long braided beard can be a challenge, but the style is worth it. You’ll need good beard care products to make sure your facial hair stays healthy, straight, and neat.

Braided Goatee

For men looking for a neat and clean look, a braided goatee is strongly suggested. The style particularly suits men with round faces since it creates the illusion of a more angular chin.
From a simple single strand like a ponytail to two sections of hair, a braided goatee beard will look good while still highlighting your facial features. If you have great cheekbones or a defined jaw, don’t hide them away underneath all that facial hair.

Whiskers/Beard cornrow

Cornrow braids in your beard are super IN and can take your style to the next level. This is a trendy look every guy with a beard should try. While the look is trendy and awesome, it isn’t easy to braid a cornrow beard yourself, so for this, you may want to reach out to a pro.

Short Braided Beard

Your beard doesn’t have to be very long for you to be able to braid it. As long as you have a few inches to work with and good hand-eye coordination, that’s all you need to do a short braided beard.
Whether you want a beard bun, ponytail, wizard twirl, or classic Viking aesthetic, guys with short beards can pull it off.

French Braid Beard

If you are going for a French braid on your beard, first, you’ll need several inches of length to make it happen; that said, it is totally worth the wait.
The French braid is one of the most common and easiest braided beard styles. If you want French to braid your beard, you’ll need to define three equally-sized strands and weave them together. French braiding a beard is a classic look all guys with a beard love.

Braided Mustache

Braiding your mustache into your beard ensures an even more masculine look. Braided mustaches can require time and patience because you’ll need to wait until this area of hair has the required length. If you are confident enough, I believe you’ll be making some head turn with this look.

Fishtail Braid Beard

This braid involves twisting and braiding only two strands of hair to create an intricate look; this may be better for the experienced fellas. The fishtail braid beard is one of the coolest styles to experiment with, but it does require more effort and styling. Start by separating your beard into the two sections you want to braid. Hold one strand in each hand and take a small section from the outside edge of one strand, adding it to the opposite side. Repeat until you reach the length you want.

Braided Beard Crown

Braided beard crowns are a favorite among blackfellas. Braided beards tend to be more popular among white men, but this shouldn’t prevent Black men from braiding their beards. A braided beard crown is great to emphasize a strong jawline with a braid crown wrapped closely around your chin. A small bun tied at the center looks chic, clean, and keeps your beard out of the way.

Beard Braiding Tips

A beard braid is easy to maintain, however you need to put on some effort with the right products and having a beard grooming routine. We strongly advise you to follow these tips to make sure your facial hair is properly managed.

  • Nourish your beard with a well-balanced diet, which means it is important even for your beard to eat healthy foods rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Wash your beard regularly to keep it clean, hydrated, and growing healthy.
  • Keep your beard moisturized by massaging beard oil into your hair and skin.
  • Use beard balm; it tames flyaway hairs while shaping and nourishing your beard. Shea Butter and essential oils leave your beard feeling fresh from morning to night.
  • Experiment with different types of beard styles.
  • Be gentle when braiding your beard and avoid tying the strands too tightly; you could be damaging your follicles.

How to Grow a Beard Tips

Growing your beard to a stage where you can actually do a braid takes patience. From the moment you shave it and decide to grow it, it can take several weeks. It all comes down to your commitment to a routine and making some changes. Check these helpful tips to grow it like a pro.

  • Diet for a growing beard.
  • Exercise & Reducing Stress
  • Trim it
  • Provide maintenance.


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