Types of Beard beads

The chances are that if you ever grow a beard and have been blessed by the beard gods with good enough genes to make your beard grow a full face beard, cause not all dudes can grow facial hair as easy and fuss-free others; then you may be tempted to try out beard beads. If that is the case, keep on reading cause we’ll be telling you about different types of beard beads.

Beard bead sounds pretty much like the rings you put on your fingers, only these go on your beard or the equivalent of accessorizing a woman or a little girl’s hair. You know, all those elastic hair bands, hair clips, ties, scrunchies; you’ve probably seen them around the house. The ultimate goal is to make the hair look pretty, tidy, fashionable. In that sense, beads on your beard can also be a type of decoration that can make your beard look cool, Viking cool perhaps.

So now that your beard is finally long enough, this could be a refreshing look to try; you’ll definitely be making some heads turn if that’s what you’re going for. That said, beard beads are not for everyone. That’s why it is important to get to know the different types of beard beads and pick the one that could be a good option for you.

Beard beads

With beard beads, you see what you get; you also probably think of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean as a reference.
These can be defined as beads specifically made to decorate your beard; these can also be defined as little pieces of jewelry for beards that ultimately enhance your facial hair’s look.

Beard beads can not only make you stand out from a crowd of boring beards; in addition to making you quite notorious, beard beads actually have another benefit.

Believe it or not, through beard beads, you can make your facial hair grow, so if you notice that your beard does not seem to grow out enough anymore, beard beads could be just the thing to help. By using beard beads, you can also control your beard and give shape to a braided beard.

How to use beard beads

Though there are different types of beard beads, they work essentially the same way. For instance, if you want to style your beard into exciting designs, the beads will hold the hair in place. You can think of beard beads as doing the same function as hair clips. If you can manage to grow your beard to the point that you can braid it, using a beard bead is a big help.

You have to thread the hairs through the beads enough to hold the bead in place. After that, you can position it wherever you want. There are smaller beads for the ones that don’t have a really long beard. The bigger beads are reccomended for fuller and longer beards, so these can really stand out.

Check out a few simple steps to use a beard bead correctly. Keep in mind that you need to do it on a clean beard before attaching the bead.

  • Run a comb through your beard. By doing this, you’ll be making sure the beard hairs as straight as they could be to make it a little more manageable; brush or comb your beard for a couple of minutes.
  • Section your beard. Using a beard tie, grab the section of your beard where you would like the beard ring to go.
  • Prepare the bead. It is a good idea to thread a bit of string through the bead first before you thread your beard through the bead. Hold the string to form a loop, thread it through the bead, and ensure that the loop sticks out enough from one end of the bead.
  • Thread your beard. Now is time for your beard to go through the bead. Grab the tied-off bit of your beard, and then thread it through the string loop.
  • Place the bead. Once the beard is through the beard, you can pull on it to position it where you desire the bead to stay.

How to braid your beard

Now that you know how to use a beard bead, you should also know how to braid your beard like a pro. Just follow the steps below:

  • Brush and remove possible tangles. This will ensure that every strand is somewhat smooth. If you struggle with dryness and brittleness, an oiled beard can be applied before braiding.
  • Section your beard. Split the board into three sections. Hold the right and left sections in your respective hands and let the middle section drop down.
  • Begin to braid. Braid, as usual, pull the right section over the middle (making it the new middle section) and then grab the middle section with your right hand.

Viking beard beads

If you have fairly large beard braids or dreadlocks, then the LoveViking Beard Beads can be a fantastic choice for you. In addition if you are a fan and want to reminics about the vikings, this is a great way to do it and a cheap one.

These are highly reccomended for fellas with thick whiskers as the size of these beads is comparatively larger than any other. The dimensions of these beads are 15.5mm x 12mm, and the gap size is 8mm, hence, not very much suitable for thin or even medium-thick braids.

Find these Viking Beard Beads Hair Beads-Viking Hair Beads for Men; on Amazon. They are perfect for your Viking’s beard/hair braids or making beautiful, unique jewelry. These also have a Silver Metal finish gives these beads a great look that is sure to draw compliments.

Celtic beard beads

Celtic beard beads are those that take their design inspiration on Celtic art. They are worn by passing strands of hair through the central aperture of the bead. You can wear them on either beard or hair braids.

These are great for beards beads rings, dreadlock or pirate or medieval braid hair beads ornament styles.

Check out these Celtic Beard Beads Rings on Amazon. Made of Bronze and are approx. Hole 6 mm x Width 8 mm x Length 1.30 cm (0.51 Inch).

Norse beard beads

These little beads are perfectly sized to fit your mustache, adding the perfect complement to any gentleman’s style. These beads will stay in place on braided and unbraided hair. The runes and designs are very popular and are a credit to Norse culture.

Some are not embossed with the Norse Runes, but the designs you see on these beads look very traditional.

Check out these PIAOPIAONIU Norse Vikings Beads. The usual Norse Runes beads have a 13mm x 9mm dimension and have a hole size of 6mm. Hence you will face no issues using them, even with the thick dreadlocks. Find it on Amazon.

Skull beard beads

If you are the stylish type, then a skull beard bead may be your thing. Just picture a handmade paracord bead in the shape of a Celtic bearded skull with a dropping jaw on your beard for an iconic look.

Some metal pieces have exclusive author’s design and are made of solid brass (gold color), blackened and polished to the high shine.

Check out this Paracord Bead Celtic Bearded Skull from Amazon. It can be used for making a custom paracord bracelet, lanyard. It also can be featured as a zipper pull charm on jackets or backpacks.

Dwarven beard beads

Continuing with the Scandinavian mythology and folklore, the Dwarven beads are great for beard’s beads rings, deadlock, or pirate or medieval braid hair beads ornament styles.

The design of this type of bead is rubber-band free, simple, and non-damaging.
Check out this LynnAround Bronze Norse Viking Wolf Beard Beads Rings, Dwarven Dreadlock Pirate Medieval Hair Beads, Pagan Jewelry. Find it on Amazon.

Bone beard beads

These great-looking beads are crafted from bones or also bone replica beads. This bead is considered “non-area-specific,” meaning bone beads like this were found throughout the Viking age during all time periods and locations. Such as the migration period to the late medieval time period.

The motifs are hand-carved and blackened to create contrast and make the knot pattern stand out even more. The bead’s inner diameter is approx. 0.4 cm.

Check out this Viking Beard Bead from Bone with Knot Pattern on Battle Merchant. It is made from cattle bone.

Beard ornaments

If you consider yourself the life of the party, then these beard ornaments, also called beardaments, are just the thing for you. These include beard ornaments, beard lights, and beard glitter kits.

Beard ornaments are high in demand during Christmas; they can also be used to decorate a mini-Christmas tree. These beard ornaments are full of a party atmosphere because of their luster and shape.
But do not worry, the beard ornament is very light, and clipping on the beard will not make your beard hurt by heavy pulling. You can find beard ornaments on Amazon.


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